Get rid of your Variclose veins
Unique method for removal of varicose veins with the use of a sealing mechanism.

What is the VariClose method?

VariClose is a simple, fast and effective method of varicose veins treatment. Unlike the other methods, it uses sealing mechanism in the form of venous glue, therefore the patient doesn’t suffer from any cosmetic side effects during the treatment. Infection risk is also minimal in the case of this method.

Varicose veins treatment with the VariClose method doesn’t exclude you from your ordinary life. The surgery takes only 20 minutes and right after it’s over, you can return to your daily activities. Don’t let unpleasant feelings and cosmetic imperfections hold you back. Fully enjoy your life with the varicose veins gone.

Why choose Variclose

The procedure doesn’t limit your performance
Immediate return to active life
You’re left with no swelling or bruises
Suitable for all types of venous problems

How does Variclose work

Unlike other treatments, local anesthesia is used instead of the tumescent.

„The absence of tumescent anesthesia increases patient comfort and gives results that are easily visible once the glue has been administered,“ notes Greg Fulton, consultant vascular surgeon at Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland.

As soon as the area operated on is numb, a catheter is inserted into the vein. Its right position is monitored during the surgery by ultrasound. Once the catheter is in the correct position, the glue is gradually applied in the whole length of the problematic venous area. For all the duration of the procedure, an adequate pressure is being applied on the expanded veins, which results in their continuous closing. The outcome can be seen immediately after the surgery.

The process of Variclose veins treatment

The doctor evaluates your condition and determines whether the VariClose method is suitable for you.
The surgery itself takes only 20 minutes. Local anaesthesia is applied for painless results.
Way home
Right after the procedure, you’ll be on your way home. The return to your ordinary life is immediate.
Beautiful legs
The results can be seen right away. Varicose veins are gone and so are unpleasant feelings connected with them.

The procedures are done

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